MapRun Instructions—Western Summer Series

Before the event

Charge your phone. You will get poor GPS accuracy when your phone tries to conserve a dwindling battery.

Download MapRun app from

  • If you do a search in the Android Play Store, use ‘efn maprun’ as the search string
  • If MapRun is already installed on your phone please update to Android v50.5 or Iphone 10.0.2
    Accept the prompts for notification and location
    Enter your details into the MapRun app (name etc). All details are required

At the event

Open the App and:

  • click EVENTS NEAR ME (it may take a minute or two to turn on you GPS and get a fix), and
  • select your course out of the available events, PW,A,B,C or D:
  • Press GOTO START, and chill until 7pm with the count-down timer on display. Ignore the PIN request which appears prior to 6:55pm

If you don’t have a SIM card in your phone, use the “StreetO-guest” WiFi hotspot.
At 6:55pm the PIN message will disappear, the map will be visible on your phone, and printed maps will be distributed (but don’t look until 7pm -)
If you open the event after the Mass start at 7:00pm, the message “Missed the Mass Start” will be displayed, click OK and you can start running or walking.
The Start Triangle on your phone map SHOULD TURN GREEN at 7:00pm. If it doesn’t, seek help.

At the Finish

Hand in your card.

If you have internet connectivity, or connected to the StreetO Wifi hotspot, the results will automatically

upload to the MapRun server, and you can choose ‘upload to Strava’ if you wish.

If the phone is still asking you to upload Results, check your connection to the local “hotspot” at the Finish

area, and upload results when you have internet connectivity.

You can then view all scores and/or My Results (tracking, splits, rate, distance, etc.)
MapRun results can also be found at

You may see the message “You need to visit N more controls. Do you want to finish now?”.

  • This will happen if you counted wrongly, or if the GPS error was too great near a control on Scatter
    courses. (This message may disappear quickly, and reappear later.)
    Click YES to upload your event, and we will correct any GPS errors for you in the results, or put you
    at the bottom of the results if you got too few controls in the scatter courses: A,B,C,D

Users with a Garmin style watch can extract their route into a .GPX file and email to the link on the Results
page: Contact the Scorer

Extra general information is available at the MapRun website: