Park & Street Orienteering

Park & Street Orienteering is a suburban version of bush orienteering. At any of these events Bayside Kangaroos have numerous active members both running and walking, providing an excellent opportunity to interact with fellow orienteers on a regular basis. There are Park & Street events organised all year round in all areas of Melbourne, Geelong and the Surf Coast

As in all forms of orienteering participants are provided with a map on which a number of locations (controls) are marked. Competitors choose the length of course that suits, visit the given number of controls and return to the finish.

Park & Street events are popular with families and are used by many as training runs. Most events run as series for which a season ticket is offered at a greatly reduced price. Casual entry is also available where you pay on the day. You can attend as often as you wish.

If you would like some more information about Park and Street Orienteering, please contact  Andrew Hunter.

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