We have created this page in order to distribute software to club members.

Mapping Software

Which software you use will partly depend on what you are trying to do.
BK have used ocad for a number of years and have produced a large number of maps.
Our thinking so far has been to continue using ocad. That may change because Open Orienteering Mapper is getting much easier to use and the type of maps we are producing is changing.

This software will only work on any Windows based computer.
Here is the link for OCAD version 8: OCAD 8 Software

Click the OCAD 8 Setup Files folder and select ‘Download’. The folder will be zipped so you can save it to your computer.
Save it in a location that you will remember.
You will need to open the downloaded zipped file and extract the content to your computer.
In the same location as the OCAD Setup Files , follow the instructions in the Read me file.

Ocad changed their licensing system after version 9.5 to one requiring registration and activation. This means the software is limited and can only be installed on a single computer.

We also have a link to ocad version 9 (thanks to Nillumbik)
The main difference between Version 8 and 9 is the setup for printing maps.

Here is the link: OCAD Version 9

Open Orienteering Mapper (

This is an open source software program. It works on Windows or Linux systems.
Current version is 0.8.2.
It is very stable and works very well if you are making a park or school map for example.
It can read all Ocad files from version 6 to 12 but will only write to version 8.

Course Setting Software

This is a very powerful program specifically designed for course setting.
It is Windows based.
BK have had a club license for a number of years which will allow you to download and install it on your computer.
Condes can be downloaded here:
For the condes license information please contact the Webmaster at the email address

It will allow you to set courses on the Ocad or OOM map and produce a high res pdf for delivery direct to the printer.

Purple Pen (
This is an open source program equivalent to Condes. It is Windows based.

Both Condes and Purple Pen work using a layer system. This means the selected map is on a base layer and your work setting the course is on a separate layer which does not alter the map in any way.

Remember for any of these programs BK members have lots of experience. If you need help ASK.

Other Orienteering Software you might here people talking about

Event calendar and entry portal on the web, you can enter any event using Eventor
You can even enter events overseas using IOF Eventor


This is the program is used on the day of the event.
Entries are imported from Eventor
Course details are imported from Condes
The program works out the results and uploads back to Eventor


Equivalent to OE but specially designed for Relay events


Another program similar to OE

If you want further details talk to the BK committee